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INSECT REPELLENT TOWELS Are A Neater and Safer Alternative To INSECT REPELLENT SPRAYS - Keep bugs off!

Insect Repellent Towelettes

Insect repellent Towels now available from Interstate Products, Inc. This new INSECT REPELLENT TOWELS. Unlike aerosol spray repellents, these are pre-moistened towels that allow users to apply repellent exactly where it's needed most without getting it in their eyes or mouth. Users simply tear an INSECT REPELLENT TOWEL from the canister and wipe it onto their clothes or body. Each towel also contains the ingredient aloe to avoid chapping and keep skin smooth and soft. When finished, the towel can be easily thrown away. Compared to spray repellents, there's less mess, waste and danger when using INSECT REPELLENT TOWELS.

INSECT REPELLENT TOWELS are dampened with an effective formula that
wards off various biting insects including:

  • mosquito repellent
  • chiggers repellent
  • ticks repellent
  • deer flies repellent
  • stable flies repellent
  • black flies repellent
  • gnats repellent
  • fleas repellent

Plus...INSECT REPELLENT TOWELS are perfect for both work and recreation such as:

  • construction
  • boating
  • farming
  • golfing
  • gardening
  • biking
  • hiking
  • road work
  • hunting
  • fishing
  • sanitation
  • jogging

These convenient, portable towels are available in a compact 18 count container and a slightly larger 40 count canister. Each has a re-closable  plastic flip-top cover that prevents INSECT REPELLENT TOWELS from drying out. The towels are also made from a soft fabric that's gentle to skin. They are small, easy to carry and keep the bugs away.

INSECT REPELLENT TOWELETTES contain over 12% DEET, so they will effectively repel some of the most common biting insects including:

  • mosquitoes
  • stable flies
  • chiggers
  • black flies
  • ticks
  • gnats
  • deer flies
  • fleas

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