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• To set up the Ready L-Bracket Berm just unfold berm and slip "L" brackets into slots and into place.
• Walls are now supported by a sturdy Heavy Duty "L" Bracket construction.
• Deploys quickly, easy to store, no straps or trip hazards aCustom Ready Bermnd the fastest setup/breakdown time.
• Supports slip in and out and walls go up and down individually in seconds by hand.
• Ready Berm wall heights can be fabricated from 6" up to 18' high.
• To move it, slip L-brackets out, collapse walls and fold it up.
• Standard drains added for rainwater release.
• Our berms are built with our industry leading and extra tough 3" weld on all floor seams.
• Be secure with our 7-year warranty on seams and workmanship and 10 years pro-rated on cracking, UV and mildew.
• Includes repair patches — Call for more information.
• All IPI berms are fabricated in house and under strict quality control
Normal stock sizes include: 10' x 10', 12' x 20', 12' x 36', 12' x 45' and 14' x 54'. Call for custom sizes without custom prices!


Ready Spill Berm Specifications



10' x 10' x 1'

748 gallons

10' x 10' x 1½'

1,122 gallons

10' x 20' x 1'

1,496 gallons

12' x 36' x 1'

3,231 gallons

12' x 45' x 1'

4,039 gallons

14' x 54' x 1'

5,654 gallons

14' x 54' x 1½'

11,309 gallons

We stand behind our berms

*7 Year Warranty on all workmanship!

XR-5 Berms: 10 year pro-rated warranty on cracking for UV and mildew protection.

The longest in the industry.
Free Repair Kit.
Berm repairs available.
Chemical/ Fuel Resistant Track Mats Available.

Many high standards to improve durability and containment!

Click below for a full chemical and acid reference:
Chemical Resistance Guide


30 mil XR 5 Fabric from Seaman's Corp.
Don't accept substitutes.
You can feel the difference.
Grade A fabric only. No seconds.

Other fabric choices available:
COOLGUARD, STYLE 8130 XR-5, 8228 ORLTA, and More!


Track Mats:
XR-5 Track Mats (set of 2). Mats unroll on top of the berm and are made for truck tires to drive on and protect the berm from sharp objects that may be stuck in truck tires. Track Mats are made to extend one foot in each direction (exit and entry sides) to fully protect the berm and help prevent rips and the need for patching.

Ground Mat:
For use on rough terrain areas. Ground Mats are waterproof and available for under the berm protection from rocks and sharp objects. Extra matting extends life of the berm and is made wider and longer than the berm to fully cushion it.

Call 1-800-474-7294 to speak with a Berm Customization Expert.

Outside of the U.S.?
Call 941-377-8610

Berms: Examples of our work

Custom Spill Berms
Ready Berm

Custom Spill Berms
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* Warranty does not cover abuse or shipping cost. Call for details

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