Spill Containment Berms


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Our most popular, versatile, and space saving Secondary Spill Containment Berm offers features that make it ideal for spill control with fuel, chemicals, acids and other liquids. Ask us about any size requirements for long term or temporary tank, truck or fuel tanker applications.

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Drive Thru Spill Containment Berm works just like the original on the long sides with the collapsible "L" Bracket Wall construction. The exit and entry walls are made with edges that lay almost flat on the ground so that trucks may drive in and out freely. The edge will automatically raise with the level of any spill.

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Economical Design Offers Cost Savings And Secure Spill Containment. 1 year limited mfg warranty

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Sidewalls Stay Lowered And Out Of The Way Until They Are Needed. 1 year limited mfg warranty

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Foam wall berms 2" up to 4" in height allowing for easy entry and exit

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On All Seams and Workmanship on all XR5 berms!

Call for details 1-800-238-4259


Call for details 1-800-238-4259

Track Mats:
Track Mats (set of 2). Mats unroll on top of the berm and are made for truck tires to drive on and protect the berm from sharp objects that may be stuck in truck tires. Track Mats are made to extend one foot in direction (exit and entry sides) to fully protect the berm and help prevent rips and the need for patching.

Ground Mat:
For use on rough terrain areas. Ground Mats are waterproof and available for under the berm protection from rocks and sharp objects. Extra matting extends life of the berm and is made wider and longer than the berm to fully cushion it.

Passive Filter:
Fits quickly on outside of wall and screws into drain. Separates Hydrocarbons and allows rain water to pass through. Manual and automatic shut off. Replacement cartridges available.

Carry Bag:
This canvas bag makes transport and storage easier and more efficient. Bags are made to size.


Other fabric choices available:

COOLGUARD, STYLE 8130 XR-5, 8228 ORLTA, and More!

Options are not included on standard orders.


30 mil XR 5 Fabric from Seaman's Corp.
Don't accept substitutes.
You can feel the difference.
Grade A fabric only. No seconds.

We stand behind our berms *5 Year Limited-Warranty on all workmanship!
XR-5 Berms: 10 year pro-rated warranty on cracking for UV and mildew protection.

Free Repair Kit.
Berm repairs available.
Chemical/ Fuel Resistant Track Mats Available.