Boiler Treatment

Boiler Treatment

Acid Coil Cleaner


Non-Acid Liquid Coil Cleaner

Boiler Treatments that softens water, prevents pitting.

Maintains PH Control


The perfect combination of chemicals for complete water control.

When fed to the feed water or directly to the boiler, Boiler Treatments vaporizes with the steam forming a thin, continuous, non-meltable film - protecting all surfaces.

Boiler Treatments

Boiler Treatments:

• Removes oxygen from water.

• Softens the hardness of water.

• Prevents pitting.

• Prevents hydrogen embrittlement.

• Maintains pH control.

• Keeps a protective film on all metal parts.

Boiler Treatments Directions:

• Blow down boiler before adding Boiler Treatments.

• Test water sample with PH litmus paper or water test kit. If PH is lower than 7.2, add approximately three (3) gallons.

• Maintain pH level at 8.8 to 10.5 by adding as needed.

To reduce solids and prevent priming, foaming or carryover, blow down boiler at least once a week.

Proper use of boiler treatments will help eliminate the problems caused by corrosion which pits and channels the surface of the boiler.

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