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Cleaner degreaserAC-100 VIGOR...All purpose, butyl type-high alkaline hard surface cleaner degreaser. Specially formulated to penetrate and remove the heaviest buildup of grease and soil from any surface. Economical formula is used to clean walls and floors. Concrete surfaces, ink, vinyl leather remove wax. Etc. (USDA registered)

AC-110 VIGOR SUPER...A super butyl type cleaner degreaser. The same as AC-100 with 18% butyl type solvent for Extras difficult grease and grime areas. (USDA registered)

AC-115 VIGOR M...A concentrated all-purpose hard surface cleaner. Inhibited against soft metal attack. Less harsh to hands and skin than caustic degreasers. Strong and effective. Cleans floors, walls, and kitchens. Concrete. tank degreasing bathrooms. Showers metal parts and engines, floor cleaner, stripper etc. (USDA registered)

citrus cleaner degreasersAC-125 VIGOR M SUPER...A super butyl type concentrate of product AC-11 cleaner degreaser. Use on difficult grease and grime areas. Heavy machinery, greasy floors, kitchen filter hoods. Etc. (USDA registered).

AC-128 OIL EATER...This is a non-butyl non-solvent concentrated all-purpose cleaner deodorizer. Designed to emulsify and disperse soil, grease. oil and grime. An environmentally safe cleaner for use on oily areas. Use with pressure wash for trucks and other oily surfaces. (USDA REGISTERED)

AC-129 ULTRASONIC CLEANER...This product is an all-purpose cleaner that is specifically designed to be used in ultrasonic cleaners. Use 2 to 4 ounces of cleaner per gallon of water to effectively clean soils and remove oil and dirt from surfaces in ultrasonic baths.

AC-135 2020 MULTI PURPOSE...Hi foaming USDA approved multi purpose butyl type cleaner degreaser. This formula has a high concentration of biodegradable detergents. Mild to hands. Use for general maintenance and vehicle cleaning. Low alkalinity. USDA registered

AC-140 NEUTRAL PINK...A mild viscous cleaner degreaser. The perfect product for cleaning and maintaining finished floors. Does not harm finish or effect surface gloss. Excellent mild general purpose cleaner with controlled sudsing. Used for marble, wood linoleum. finished floors, and water safe surfaces. USDA reg.

AC-142- AC-146 PINE, LEMON. MINT AND SPRING DETERGENT...A mild neutral cleaner degreaser, deodorizer. A controlled foaming neutral cleaner with fresh scents. Concentrated product for economical cleaning for finished floors and other hard surfaces.



AC-407 SAFETY SOLVENT BLEND...Hi flash safety solvent. Evaporating electrical equipment degreaser. A cold degreaser that can be used while electrical equipment is in place. Removes oil, grease, dirt, and wax from metal machinery and parts.

AC-408 TAR & ASPHALT REMOVER...Solvent blend with emulsifiers. Use dissolve and clean tar, pitch. Asphalt, oil and grease from floors, brick, asphalt spreaders, road machinery, shovels, and more. Heavy duty cleaner degreaser.

AC-409 JELL DEGREASER...The right jell cleaner degreaser for any surface, including the undersides of any and all equipment. Emulsifies grease, tar, asphalt, and bitumen from everything including painted surfaces, metal, concrete, brick and stone. Will not harm original surface.

AC-412 HT DEGREASER...A unique, non-chlorinated. non corrosive, solvent-based cleaner degreaser that instantly penetrates degreases and cleans mechanical and electrical equipment components without disassembly. Solvent can be used in soak tank or spray and wipe on parts. This cleaner degreaser features a very low odor and a high flash point.

AC-422 SOLVENT DEGREASER & EXTENDER...Solvent used for degreasing small parts and tools. Removes oil and grease. Also used as solvent extender for solvent dilatable products and cleaner degreaser.

AC-500 STEAM CLEANER...A general-purpose heavy-duty formula. For use in steam cleaning equipment. Will not clog pipes or hoses or corrode machinery. Cleans all surfaces including aluminum and painted surfaces. Highly concentrated for maximum economy. Use on heavy machinery and machinery parts, mechanical equipment, general maintenance or vehicle chassis, industrial concrete floors, etc. Use approximately 2 to 6 oz. of liquid per gallon of water to clean most articles.

AC-508 PRIME...The heaviest duty steam cleaner degreaser. This formula has the highest concentration of detergents and free caustic, Designed to steam clean the greasiest surfaces even the fifth wheel on trailers.

AC-520 HI PRESSURE DETERGENT...Versatile concentrated formula designed specifically for use in Hi pressure machines. Safe, versatile. Non-caustic product for removing numerous oils from industrial, automotive and in-plant equipment.

AC-750 SPEED MULTI KLEEN RTU...Ready to use butyl cleaner. Spray on and wipe off. Powerful product removes dirt, grease, crayon, ink and other soils without leaving any residue.

AC-842 PINE SCRUB SOAP...Natural oil soap fortified with pine oil and surfactants for the most effective cleaning and deodorizing. Floors may be buffed after applying.


Any questions on our orange cleaner degreaser products, please call us at 1-800-474-7294.

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