Decontamination Shower

Decontamination Shower Tents, Solutions and Decontamination Pools

The Decontamination shower tent comes in 3 separate pieces for easy set up & storage. Adjustable shower head makes this easy to use for anyone, and the shower wand detaches for a more thorough decontamination. Containment berm made of a polyester scrim material with a PVC alloy blend coating. The tent is made of Urethane coated polyester scrim with frame work and shower attachment.

Gross Decon

Bladder bags for gray water.

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Decontamination Shower with Containment Berm


Quick Set-Up, Effective Decontamination
    Disposable, 6' x 6' Decon Pool sets up in less than one (1) minute.  No loose parts.

Shower wand detaches quickly - easily decons "hard to reach" areas.

    Replaceable liner is constructed of heavy-duty 9-mil polyethylene.

Decontamination Products


  Decon Pool Only Shower Only
Part #: 3108 3105
Dimensions: 6' x 6' x 1' 21"Base/Adjustable Height: 40" - 78"
Weight: 25 lbs. 4 lbs.
Material of Construction: Polyethylene/PVC Tubular Aluminum/ABS Plastic
Components Included: None Stabilizer Pouch

Option:   Replacement Pool Liner (Polyethylene):  Part #3109; 2' x 4' Grates:  Part #0420

Decontamination Solutions
Decontamination Solutions 

Decontamination Solutions require no dilution and are perfect when responding to contaminated incidences.  Available in 5 formulas in 5 gallon carboys.

Product # Description
680041 Used as the first wash for unknown contaminates such as inorganic acids, metal processing wastes, solvents and organic materials, PBB's (Polybrominated Biphenyls), PCBs (polychlorinated Biphenyls) and etiological materials.
680042 Used as the second wash for unknown contaminants  and etiological materials such as heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium, etc.) pesticides, chlorinated phenols, dioxins, cyanides, ammonia and non-acid inorganic wastes.
680043 Used as the third wash for unknown contaminates such as solvents and organic compounds, PBBs, PCBs, oils and greases or unspecified wastes not suspected to be contaminated with pesticides.  Can also be used as a general purpose rinse for Decon Solutions 1 and 2.
680044 Used for base and caustic contaminates such as organic bases, alkali and caustic wastes.
680045 Used for the final wash down for Decon Solutions 1,2,3 and 4 and can also be used to decontaminate certain types of radioactive contaminates.
- Decontamination Kit -
  Decon Solutions 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 1 ea                680000
Poly Sprayers 3 Gallon Capacity (2)
55 Gallon Poly Drum (1)
Decon Wash Brushes (3)
Poly Sheeting (1)
AQUALOCKIT Shaker Bottle (1)
3"x10' Hazmat Socks (4)
Roll pH Paper (1)
Containment Pond and assembly instructions (1)
Disposal Bags and Twist Ties (3)

Decontamination Decks Keep Personnel Above Hazardous Material

Decontamination decks
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Tactical Model - P/N 6000

  • Replaces conventional containment pools - contaminated water is captured in Deck sump and attached 55-gallon bladder.

  • Quick and easy set-up.

  • Deck and bladder capacity is 99 gallons.

  • Use for chemical, biological, and/or radiological response.

  • Includes DeconDeck with (1) Bladder Attachment, 12' x 14' Ground Tarp, Gross Rinse Shower Unit, Spray Wand (7 gpm output) and Supply Hose.

  • Replacement Bladders available (P/N 2320).

  • Optional Privacy Shelter (P/N 6005) and Carrying Case (P/N 6006) available.

Tactical Decontamination

Tactical Model (P/N 6000) can be used with hand-held wand or gross rinse shower system.

All components fit inside of DeconDeck for quick transport and easy storage (shown with optional Carrying Case - P/N 6006)

All Decks are slip resistant.

The Ultra-DeconDeck, Tactical Model, has been engineered for use as a Single Station Field Decontamination Systemô  The Single Field Decontamination Systemô was developed to improve field delivery of technical and tactical decontamination for responders.  The system provides for multiple washes and rinses on a single containment platform - eliminating the need for multiple containment pools.  Set-up time and staffing are reduced significantly using this process and workers are never expected to stand in contaminants.

Hospital Model - P/N 6010

  • Privacy shelter quickly attaches to DeconDeck.

  • Dual bladders and Deck combine to contain 165 gallons of liquid - nearly one hour of continuous use.


  • Includes DeconDeck with (2) Bladder Attachments, 12' x 14' Ground Tarp, Gross Rinse Shower Unit, Spray Wand (7 gpm output), Privacy Shelter and Supply Hose.

  • Replacement Bladders available (P/N 2320).

  • Optional Carrying Case (P/N 6006) available.

All Decks are slip resistant.

Pass-through-ports in rear of shelter allow for contaminated clothing discharge.


Ventilation and hose ports keep egress free of obstructions.

Non-Ambulatory Model - P/N 6020

  • Elevated Deck allows contaminants to be separated from workers and patients.

  • Deck and Bladder contain 88 gallons.

  • Replacement Bladders available (P/N 2320).

  • All-polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode.

  • Includes DeconDeck with (1) Bladder Attachment, 8' x 8' Ground Tarp, Spray Wand (7 gpm output), and Supply Hose.

  • Optional Carry Case (P/N 6006) available.

All Decks are slip resistant.

U.S. Patent Nos. 5,642,834, 5,007,557 and 5,562,047