Drain line and grease trap maintenance

Drain line and Grease Trap

Liquid and granular Enzyme treatments. See our Lift Station cleaners.

AC-174 SAND & SILT...A suspension of high molecular weight polymer that is used to break up deposits of mud silt and dirt and put them in solution.

AC-610 POWDERED ENZYMES...A mixture of specially developed strains of bacteria plus active enzymes for taster results. Designed to digest complex proteins. Starches, fats, cellulose, and vegetable gums. Use in septic tanks and municipal treatment systems and trap and drain treatment. These enzymes open and clean septic tanks, cesspools, grease traps, sludge lagoons and sewage treatment systems. Once activated, the enzymes keep multiplying making them an economical long-term answer to grease trap and sewer maintenance.

AC-611 PORTA-ZYME...This bacteria/enzyme system incorporates a high level of odor counteractant and dark blue color indicator to create an environmentally friendly portable toilet solution. A high performance product that uses natures own waste digestion process to aggressively destroy odors instead of hiding them behind fancy perfumes and dyes. Porta-Zyme is a fast acting enzyme plus bacteria product that continuously work to reduce solid accumulation and destroy odors at their source. Porta-Zyme liquefies organic wastes, destroys odors. is biodegradable and contains no formaIgehydes or quats.

AC-612 LIQUID ENZYMES...Highest concentration blend of bacterial strains plus active enzymes for fast results in a grease trap, drain or septic tank. Use to liquefy waste and mobilize grease. Works to prevent clogging. Restores and revitalizes natural

AC-618 ALKALINE DRAIN OPENER...2x1 qts./Case. Caustic drain opener opens clogged drains without the hazards or fumes of acid.

AC-619 LIFT STATION CLEANER...High alkaline water-soluble lift station cleaner. Liquefies greases and fats keeping lift station free of obstructions.

AC-619 ALKALINE LIQUID DRAIN OPENER...Used to open and maintain drains, septic tanks. and cesspools. Heavy formula goes directly to blockage to work undiluted to break blockages.

AC-630 BAC-ZYME...New enzyme combination that offers all the benefits of super liquid enzymes plus the benefits of immediate odor control from powerful odor eliminators added into the formula. BAC-ZYME contains 200-billion spore count of a blend of "friendly" enzyme producing bacteria. BAC-ZYME also offers added detergents. wetting agents. and emulsifiers making it an environmentally safe cleaner for urinals. showers, pet stains and organic soils. Use as waste digester. trap and drain cleaner. municipal collection systems, carpet and fabric care. laundry spotter, urinal cleaning, and odor control in stalls, and floor drains.


AC-4530 CITRA-LIFT ORGANIC LIFT STATION CLEANER...100% Natural floating degreaser. Designed specifically for cleaning lift stations and controlling odors. Step 1: Quickly forms an odor barrier by floating and capping lift station. Step2: Creates a pleasant smelling citrus environment. Step 3: Quickly saponifies grease and organic obstructions. A revolutionary, safe formula that floats up and down with the rise and fall of the station platform keeping the sides of ft station clean. CITRA-LIFT cleans off soil dissolves grease and oil, softens solid waste and eliminates objectionable odors.

Grease Trap and Drain Line Products For Industrial and Institutional Use Only


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