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Product # 245
(General purpose fertilizer)

Provides vigorous, sustained growth.

Liquid formula goes directly to the root zone.

Best all-season fertilizer. Beautifies lawns and gardens.

Liquid Fertilizer
For use on golf courses, ornamental turf and athletic fields, dilute 1 gallon of 16-8-4 with sufficient water for even application over 3000 square feet.  Repeat this application every 3 weeks, from early spring to mid-summer.  Make the first application just prior to spring greening.

 For trees and shrubbery, mix 1 quart of 16-8-4 in 15 gallons of water and spray on foliage to the point of run off.

 For root feeding, use 4 ounces of fertilizer per inch of trunk diameter.  Dilute with sufficient water and pour or inject into root zone.  Repeat application every spring and fall.

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