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Fire Fighting Products, AFFF foams, Turn out gear & hose Cleaner

For use by Municipal fire fighting departments, City fire fighting departments, County fire fighter's, Forest fire fighting agencies, Industrial & Institutional fire fighting departments.

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Hose and Turn out gear cleaner

AC-1267FFF FIRE FIGHTER'S FRIEND ...This revolutionary new concentrate product helps fire fighter's by not only being tough on Smoke, Tar, Soot, Grease/Oil, Paint/Resins, Dirt/Grime, Hydrocarbons, and odors, but is safe on Turn-Out gear, hoses, trucks, and much more. Gets professional results for a fraction of the cost of sending them out to be cleaned. Fire Fighter's Friend will not lead to premature equipment failure.  It can be used in with an automatic washer or applied by hand sprayer

.Before Cleaning Turn Out gear with the Fire fighter's Friend After Cleaning Turn Out gear with the Fire fighter's Friend

Fire fighting foams

AC-853, AC-854, AC-856 FIRE FIGHTING FOAMS...A variety of concentrated AFFF fire fighting foams are designed to be applied through aerators at 3%. When uses properly these fire fighting foams will put out fires quickly and effectively while keeping the environment safe. Special biodegradable  ingredients in these foams make re-ignition extremely difficult.

AC- 853 Fire Fighting Foam Designed High Expansion Foam for wood or grass

AC-854 Fire Fighting Foam (AFFF foam for class A&B fires) 

AC-856 Fire Fighting Foam (AFFF foam for alcohol fires as well as A&B fires)

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We offer Government and Military Discounts

Montana wild fire, AC-852 FIRE FIGHTING  SUPER-SUPPRESS- A True Firemen's friend. This suppressant is made to suppress flammable or explosive vapors and disperse oil and gas. Designed for use by all Fire Fighting departments to reduce the fire hazard associated with flammable liquid spills. SUPER-SUPPRESS is a surface active agent that emulsifies fuels and hydrocarbons with water. Once emulsified, the fire hazard is minimized because the flammable or combustible vapors are suppressed. The product is biodegradable and contains no petroleum distillates or other solvents.

AC-173 TANK PROTECTOR...A clear odorless product designed to protect metal holding tanks in Fire Trucks and other water holding tanks against rust and corrosion

AC-178 WATER WETTER...A formulated blend of non-ionic wetting agents designed to aid in wetting or reducing the surface tension of water.

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