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Chemguard at Work

Chemguard's operations are a synergistic blend of research, design and manufacturing found nowhere else in the industry.  From our innovative patents to our persistence in delivering a superior product, the dedication to a high level of achievement can be found in each department, in each employee and process.

Throughout our web site you'll see evidence of a thoughtful and thorough approach to fighting fires in a myriad of environments.  We recognize the need for solutions that are reliable, and superior in performance. From our hardware to our foam concentrates, Chemguard's entire product line is engineered for years of use thus making it the best choice in fire protection, and even more attractive when it comes to budget time.



OFF The Press...

Fluorochemical surfactants
Hydrocarbon surfactants

Chemguard Inc. has purchased the Ciba Specialty Chemicals business of Lodyne surfactants.

Chemguard will continue to supply the high performance Ciba Lodyne surfactants along with its own proprietary line of flurosurfactants and specialty hydrocarbon surfactants.

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