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High Expansion Foam Systems...

Chemguard's UL Listed high expansion foam systems are used in many diverse types of applications.  Examples of the wide range of applications are: warehouses, storage buildings, basements, LNG tank farms/loading facilities, flammable liquid drum storage areas, hazardous waste facilities, shipboard engine rooms, bilges and holds, roll paper warehouses, flammable packaging areas, cable tunnels, mining operations, aircraft hangers, and for wild land fire breaks.

Saving Water, Time & Money

Why is this type of System so popular?  Expansion rates up to 1,000 gallon so finished foam for every gallon of foam solution can be achieved depending upon the generator selected, solution flow rate, and operating pressures.  Less water, more effective knockdown and suppression, coupled with less heat and stress adds up to savings for all parties.

How it Works For You

High expansion ratios are obtained when air is forced through a screen on which foam has been deposited.  This light, voluminous foam blanket can quickly obtain great heights, reaching flammable materials on storage racks.  The foam blanket efficiently transports small amounts of water to the fire, encapsulating the flammable vapors, causing suppression and extinguishment.  Contact one of Chemguard's expert design engineers to create a system that is right for you.


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