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Specialty Chemicals

Chemguard, Inc. has purchased the Ciba Specialty Chemicals business of Lodyne surfactants. Chemguard will continue to supply the high performance Ciba Lodyne surfactants along with it’s own proprietary line of fluorosurfactants and specialty hydrocarbon surfactants.

Chemguard offers a broad range of fluorosurfactants for use in fire extinguishing foam concentrates such as AFFF, AR-AFFF, FP, FFFP, and AR-FFFP. Chemguard also offers fluorosurfactants which can be used as replacements for DuPont 1157, 1157N, 1183 and 1268 in fire fighting foam formulations. These surfactants do not contain PFOS, or derivatives thereof, nor do they contain PFOA. They are based on perfluorinated telomer chemistry.

Chemguard also offers fluorosurfactants for use in water and solvent based formulations such as coatings, cleaners and inks. These products are not suitable for use as oil and grease repellants for paper treatment, nor are they suitable for use in fire fighting foams. When considering the use of these products as replacements in existing formulas, proper evaluation is advised. There is an analog Chemguard product available for the following discontinued 3M products: FC-93, FC-94, FC-95, FC-98, FC-99, FC-100, FC-120, FC-129, FC-135, FC-143, FC-171, FC-430, FC-431, FC-740.

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