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Twin Agent and Chemical Systems

Twin Agent Systems incorporate the benefits of dry chemical and AFFF.  The dry chemical knocks down the fire rapidly, while the foam secures the hazard by laying a vapor-suppressing blanket on the fuel.  Originally pioneered for aircraft rescue and fir fighting purposes, these systems are utilized in many more flammable-liquid risk environments including helicopter decks, offshore platforms, refineries and processing areas.

Twice the Punch & Convenience

The two extinguishing agents are propelled at rates of 5 to 8 pounds per second for the dry chemical and 35 to 60 gallons per minute for the pre-mix foam solution, resulting in rapid response, less heat and greater fire fighting capabilities, especially in three-dimensional fires. 

When it comes to convenience, these systems excel.  Most of our twin agent systems are self-contained and require no outside power source.  To enhance this flexibility, many systems are skid-mounted for installation on fire fighting trailers or trucks and use either one or two hose reels, or a twin agent monitor.  They are designed for easy activation by one individual with a simple push of a lever or by opening a single hand wheel.  The flow of the extinguishing agents can then be controlled with the handline nozzle.

Given the challenges of many fire fighting environments, Twin Agent and Dry Chemical Systems are the most effective means of achieving quick extinguishment.


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