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Choosing a Weed Killer

Grounds Care > How to Choose a Weed Killer

Non-Selective Weed Killer

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1. Total kill with long lasting effect

I want to spray a Liquid Weed Killer

I want to work with a Granular Weed Killer

2. No residual effect, kills though leaf contact - no long term effect

Contact Weed Killer

Selective Weed Killer

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Selective Weed Killer
(For broad leaf weeds on lawns)

Aerosol Selective Weed Killer

Aquatic Herbicide

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Aquatic Weed Killer
(For ponds, lakes and lagoons)

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Questions about Eagle Overpack, Salvage, and Lab Pack Drums

A full line of aquatic and land weed control solutions.

Selective Weed Killer      

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