Ice Melt and Snow Melter Products

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Spray wax on snow plow blades to create a long lasting invisible barrier that shields the surface making a non-stick coating that allows snow to flow easily over blades surface without catching.

Save time and labor with snow plow waxes because it lets you and your equipment work easier.

Apply coating to snow plow wax blades and other exposed metal and painted surfaces by spraying, brushing, swabbing, or rolling. Equipment may be used immediately if needed but for best results let dry for 30 minutes . For maximum Rust protection, apply Snow Plow Waxes at end of each week.

May also be used on lawn mowers to prevent clippings from sticking to blades. Other uses include shovels and truck beds.

Used by: Municipalities, garages, highway equipment companies and sanitation companies as well as snow removal contractors and departments.

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