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Portable Cooling Units

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Industrial Coatings Supply - Rust control,  industrial rust removers, metal parts protectors, cold zinc galvanize and more.

Industrial Cooling Supply - Cooling units for home, recreational and industrial uses. Misting fans, cooling units and portable models available.

Industrial Degreaser Supply A complete line of environmentally friendly  industrial degreasers and cleaner degreasers in both aerosol and liquid industrial solutions. Heavy duty Industrial Formulas. Everything to clean anything. Please feel free to call our industrial supply center at 1-800-474-7294 at any time.

Industrial Flooring Supply - Industrial slip-proofing, patching and resurfacing products can be found here for floors, roofs and more.Links to concrete patches, concrete sealers, asphalt patches, and asphalt sealers. Designed for use as chemical resistant patch, low odor,  fast drying and low temperature repair.

Industrial Grounds Supply - Herbicides for land and water applications for long lasting kills along industrial fence lines, ponds and more.

Industrial Spill Containment - Safety and industrial secondary spill containment products  including berms, cabinets and systems. "We Solve Problems" For questions or more information: please click any link below. Contact Us By E-Mail or call us.  Government Impact and all Credit Cards Welcome - Call for low pricing and expert customer service.

Industrial Strength Total, Selective, and Aquatic Weed Killers

How to choose a Weed Killer

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Spill berm protects US Army tanker from oil spill

Spill Containment Berms
Containment in any size and any shape. Snap up, Collapsible  and Foam Wall constructions. Secondary containment  for industrial solutions

Drum Spill Pallets Spill Pallets
Highest Load Capacity Available. Many industrial sizes  available.

6,000 lbs. for 4-Drum Model, 3000 lbs. for 2-Drum Model.

Tank Containment Berms
Spill containment berms provide a wide range of secondary containment

Bladder Tanks
Provide fast easy containment of fuel, chemicals, potable water, oil, and More industrial applications!

Safety Storage Cabinets
Keep industrial flammable liquids near work areas in Eagle Safety Storage Cabinets for ultimate safety. Paint. ink, and acid Eagle Cabinets.

Passively Filter Hydrocarbons From Stormwater in Industrial Outdoor Containment Products.

Call to speak with a containment expert.

At Interstate Products Inc. we are a full service industrial supply company and safety company featuring a number of industrial solutions without the pollution for industrial, power, fuel loaders and more.