Lift Station Degreaser

Lift Station Degreaser and Cleaner
Citrus Degreasers

Powerful degreaser is designed to quickly dissolve heavy grease and fat accumulations in a lift station. This special Limonene solvent dissolves the toughest build-ups quickly and remains in lift station as floating degreaser on water surface for extended degreaser action.

All natural degreasing cleaner formula can be used with complete assurance that no petroleum solvents are entering the water system. The pleasant orange fragrance is not perfume, but actual odor absorbing power to keep noxious sewer and lift station odors to a minimum. This product will not disrupt bacterial action in any treatment process.

Product #4530 available in 5, 20, 55 and cases of 4x1gal sizes.

Formulation: Contains 100% all- natural Limonene degreaser solvent and odor-neutralizing agents.

Environmentally safe and contains no petroleum distillates.

Application: As a floating degreaser in a lift station, add 1/2 gallon of cleaner for each square foot of water surface. This will form a thin layer of cleaner that will strip grease off the walls of the lift station as the water level rises and falls. At this usage rate, it will also dissolve floating grease balls and accumulations from pumping equipment.

This floating degreaser contains non emulsifiers, so the most complete and economical performance.

Floating Lift Station Degreaser with no petroleum distillates.

Lift Station Degreaser Specifications

Form Liquid
Color Red
Specific Gravity 0.841
Flash Point (ASTM D-3278) 122*F
Storage Stability (at 70*F.) Indefinite
Clarity Clear
Odor Citrus
Solubility (in water) Insoluble

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