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Outdoor cooling


Outdoor Cooling a new, unique and inexpensive way how to cool small areas with transport-ability limited only by your imagination.

Our newest product the PatioCooler -  Is the perfect combination of our unique small high-pressure pump delivering over 18,000 BTU's of cooling - and - an 18" high velocity, UL approved outdoor duty pedestal fan.

Easy to install this unit comes with everything needed for assembly including supply tubing for attaching to any regular garden hose bib. No hose bibs nearby - No Worry - just submerge the supply hose in a bucket of water and the pump will draw the water it needs up to 36 inches vertically.

You've seen outdoor flash evaporative cooling systems used on the sidelines of the NFL, casinos in Las Vegas, at theme parks and maybe even at your favorite restaurant or resort.

The Party/Patio Cooler, from Interstate Products, Inc. uses the same flash evaporative technology to cool your patio or courtyard by as much as 15 - 20 degrees without getting you or your patio wet!

The Party/Patio Cooler is a heavy duty, outdoor rated pedestal fan with a high-pressure pump and atomizing spray nozzles that produce an ultra-fine evaporating fog of tiny water droplets 10-25 microns in size (the average human hair is only 85 microns!). These tiny water droplets evaporate in a flash and the air temperature goes down like magic!

Enjoy a cooler patio or courtyard this summer! All you need is a garden hose, an electric outlet, and a Patio Cooler!