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These tough EAGLE products handle all of your hazardous material needs. Choices include Lab Packs, Overpack Drums and Salvage Drums. Eagle 20 and 30 gallon drums are available with plastic lids and your choice of metal or plastic lever locking rings. Eagle 20, 30, 65 and 95 gallon drums available with metal bolt bands or screw-on lids. All models are constructed of chemical resistant high density polyethylene, are lightweight, nestable, and include UV inhibitors.

Lab Packs: DOT 49 CFR 173.12
Overpacks: DOT 49 CFR 173.25
Salvage Drums: DOT 49 CFR 173.3

EAGLE Salvage, Overpack, and Lab Pack Drums


Model Description UN Marking
1600SL 30 Gallon Screw Lid Lab Pack Drum 1H2/X120/S  1H2/Y180/S
1601 30 Gallon Lab Pack 1H2/X100/S
1601M 30 Gallon Overpack 1H2/X120/S  1H2/Y180/S
1601MB Blue 30 Gallon Overpack 1H2/X120/S  1H2/Y180/S
1602 30 Gallon Salvage Drum 1H2/X100/S
1650 20 Gallon Screw Lid Lab Pack Drum 1H2/X57/S
1652 20 Gallon Lab Pack 1H2/X40/S
1654 20 Gallon Salvage Drum 1H2/X75/S
1661 65 Gallon Overpack Drum with Screw-Top lid 1H2/X200/S
1665 65 Gallon Salvage Drum 1H2/X200/S
1690 95 Gallon Overpack Drum with Screw-Top lid 1H2/X340/S
1695 95 Gallon Salvage Drum 1H2/X340/S

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