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Workplace fires and explosions kill 200 and injure more than 500 workers each year.

More than 75,000 workplace fires cost businesses more than $2 billion and wreak havoc among workers and their families and destroy thousands of businesses each year. CLAWS Assessment surveys should be conducted at least annually and should include observations of worksite safety and housekeeping issues and should specifically address proper handling and storage of chemicals and wastes as specified in this guide.

This assessment guide should give you a general understanding on how to:

  • Identify potential environmental, health and safety risks associated with hazardous materials handling and storage in the work environment.
  • Conduct a thorough CLAWS compliance assessment and evaluation.
  • Comply with specific OSHA, EPA, DOT and local fire codes concerning handling and storage of flammable materials.
  • Specify approved products for compliance in these areas.
Facility Assessment:

Know your facility! Know where your risk areas are, what materials are not being handled or stored in a manner that will let you be compliant with the many federal regulations. The CLAWS guide is an easy to use guide to evaluating your facility.

Part I - Identification
Divide the review facility into its functional or physical areas.

  • Production Area
  • Machine Shop Area
  • Maintenance Area
  • Laboratory Area
  • Paint Shop Area
  • Storage Area (Inside/Outside)
  • Shipping Area

Part II - Definition
For each specific physical or functional area, note the following:

  • Areas where chemicals are stored or used
  • Areas where water or oils are used in the process
  • Areas where dispensing or filling takes place
  • Areas where leaks or spills are prevalent
  • Areas that have self containment or fire suppression
  • The temperature, ignition, and ventilation controls
  • Potential ignition sources
  • Volume of human and equipment traffic

Chemical & Waste Assessment:

Know your chemicals. Know exactly what types of chemicals are in your facility and where they are being stored. Make sure all chemicals are in proper containers with proper labeling. Maintain corresponding MSDS sheets for every chemical in case of emergency.

Part I - Identification

  • Make a list of all chemicals used or stored in each area
  • Note any area that generates or accumulates waste materials
  • Note volume of each chemical or waste and type of container
  • Note the present method of storage (cabinet/counter/rack)
  • Note the state of the chemical or waste (liquid or solid)
  • Note any other pertinent information

Part II - Definition
Review MSDS, bill of lading, container label, hazardous I.D. label, numbered placard or other chemical reference material for each chemical's characteristics:

  • Hazardous Characteristics
  • Storage Requirements
  • Compatibility Considerations
  • Other Safety Concerns
All chemicals should be properly labeled and have secure lids, if not, contact an expert and dispose of properly.

Hazardous Characteristics - is the material:

  • Flammable or Combustible (flash point, boiling point)
  • Toxic
  • Corrosive
  • Light Sensitive
  • Oxidizer/Reducer
  • Poisonous/Pesticides
  • Require Special Handling?
Storage Requirements
  • Temperature (minimum/maximum)
  • Ventilation of Vapors
  • Ignition Control
  • Segregation of Compatibility
  • Special Identification
  • Volume Limitation
  • Spill Containment
Compatibility Consideration - when incompatible materials come into contact, fire, explosion, violent reactions or toxic gases could result. Do not store the following types of chemicals together:
  • Acids and Bases
  • Oxidizers and Organic Materials
  • Oxidizers and Reducing Agents
  • Other Incompatible Chemical Combinations

Specification of approved products for facility compliance
Throughout the CLAWS guide you will find the necessary products that will help you meet the federal regulations.

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