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Controlling unwanted spills is easier than ever with SECURALL® Spill
Containment Cabinets. Keep all of your spill control supplies ready and in one
organized location.

Choose from three popular sizes.  Our larger full-size cabinets are stationary and our smaller
mobile model allows you to respond to cleanups by simply wheeling your supplies to the spill area.

Do you have questions about Securall Spill Containment Storage Cabinets?
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▪  All-welded 18 gauge extra strength construction
▪  Mobile cabinet features four 4" wheels
▪  Flush mounted handle provides easy and fast fingertip operation.

▪  Cabinets have 3-point button lock self-latching doors for extra safety.  All cabinets come with spring loaded adjustable shelves.
▪  Custom interiors are available to fit your specific needs.


  Design Features


Easy-move 4" casters

18 gauge spring loaded shelves

Flush mounted door handles


Model No.


Storage Capacity


Approx. Ext. Dimensions (HxWxD) in.

Approx. Shp. Wt. (lbs.)


Counter High Mobile Cabinet

21 Cubic Feet


42 x 36 x 24



Full Size Stationary Cabinet

27 Cubic Feet


72 x 36 x 18



Full Size Stationary Cabinet

36 Cubic Feet


72 x 36 x 24


*Complies with OSHA regulations.                                 FM-Factory Mutual Approved
+ All cabinets are designed in accordance with specifications set forth by the National Fire Protection Association.

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Do you have questions about Securall Safety Cabinets?  Please call us toll free!  1-800-474-7294

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