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Industrial & Commercial Storage

Storage CabinetsOrganize, store and protect your most valuable tools and materials with these quality Industrial/Commercial storage cabinets. Rugged, all welded, 18 gauge steel construction will provide years of service in both factory and office environments. EXCLUSIVE 1000 lb. capel shelving can be adjustable on 5" centers. Shelf braces gives extra reinforcement to the side walls to provide even more durability. Double wall cabinet doors feature full length piano hinges and a lockable flush mounted door handle for obstruction free, finger tip operation. 3-point self-latching doors add even more convenient security. Shipped fully assembled and ready to use. Available in Beige or Gray.

Design Features

3-point self-latching doors

18 gauge double wall doors

Flush mounted door handles

Reinforced side wall shelf mounting

18 gauge spring-operated SUR-LOC shelves

Industrial & Commercial Storage Specifications

Model No.



Approx. Ext. Dimensions (HxWxD) in.

Approx. Shp. Wt. (lbs.)

SS142 15 Cubic Feet   Self-Latch Standard 2-Door 2 42 x 36 x 18 151
SS172 27 Cubic Feet   Self-Latch Standard 2-Door 4 72 x 36 x 18 264
SS184 31 Cubic Feet   Self-Latch Standard 2-Door 4 84 x 36 x 18 300
SS242 21 Cubic Feet   Self-Latch Standard 2-Door 2 42 x 36 x 24 200
SS272 36 Cubic Feet   Self-Latch Standard 2-Door 4 72 x 36 x 24 353
SS284 42 Cubic Feet   Self-Latch Standard 2-Door 4 84 x 36 x 24 401

Storage Cabinets

Drum SpillStations

Built to provide a lifetime of service, these secondary containment drum stations provide an easy and safe solution to organizing hazardous waste in drums. Rugged all-welded 12 gauge galvannealed steel offers long term use. Our SpillStations are specifically designed to be used as a holding area for drums, dispensing station or waste collection center. All units feature removable 1 metal grating and forklift channels for easy mobility.


▪  12 gauge electro galvannealed steel design
▪  All-welded construction
▪  Complies with EPA Spill Containment
       Requirements (40CFR264.175)
▪  Corrosive/ultraviolet resistant acrylic urethane

▪  11,000 load capacity handles any application
▪  Choose from 5 configurations
▪  1" removable galvanized steel floor grating
▪  Forklift channels for easy mobility
▪  Use indoors and outdoors

Drum SpillStation Specifications

Model No.


Sump Capacity Gallons

Approx. Ext. Dimensions (HxWxD) in.

Load Capacity Drums lbs.

Approx. Shp. Wt. (lbs.)

DSS02 Two Drum Unit 39 9 x 27 x 56 2,500 289
DSS04 Four Drum Unit 74 9 x 51 x 56 5,000 430
DSS06 Six Drum Unit 109 9 x 75 x 56 6,600 516
DSS09 Nine Drum Unit 156 9 x 75 x 80 9,900 809
DSS12 Twelve Drum Unit 201 9 x 75 x 103 11,520 1,007
DSSR60 Ramp 9 x 24 x 72 113

Mobile Workbenches & Shop Carts

These heavy duty mobile workstations have a 2000 lb. capacity bench top and a large laminated work surface to handle almost any job. Sold with or without a flammables storage cabinet, these work benches will provide secure and organized storage for your valuable tools and shop supplies. Constructed of all welded 12 gauge steel. Shipped fully assembled and ready for work.
Each Shop Cart is designed to provide mobility and security as well as a convenient work space.

The Mobile Shop Carts unique tri-level construction of 12 and 18 gauge steel consists of two spill-containing work spaces as well as an expanded metal security locker with padlock hasp.

Shipped assembled and ready to use.

Mobile Workbenches & Shop Cart Specifications

Model No.


Approx. Ext. Dimensions (HxWxD) in.

Approx. Ship. Wt. (lbs)

WB10 Mobile Workstation 57.5 x 73 x 32.75 504
WB20 Mobile Workstation w/ Flammable Storage Cabinet 57.5 x 73 x 32.75 625
WC10 Mobile Shop Cart 36 x 35.5 x 20 98

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