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Weed Killers Selective broadleaf weeds

  • Excellent weed control but will not harm grass.

  • Water dilutable weed killer concentrate.

  • Contains 9.1% 2,4-D dimethylamine salt.

  • Broadleaf weed killer recommended for controlling arrowhead, dandelion, docks, henbit, goldenrod, lambs-quarter, mustard, pepper grass, pigweed, plantains, ragweed, shepherd's purse, thistles, wild morning glory, wild radish and many other broadleaf weeds susceptible to 2,4-D. Excellent for weed control as a broad leaf weed killer.

  • Ideal for use as on lawns, parks, ornamental turf, golf course fairways, road sides, vacant lots and pastures.

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Triple Selective Weed Killer Registered in 48 months

Time of application: best results are obtained when weed killers are used on weeds that are young and in rapid growth condition.

Lawns and Golf fairways: apply 2 to 3 quarts per acre with sufficient water to obtain uniform coverage.

Small areas: 1 tablespoon 1n 1-1/2 gallons of water

General weed control: for lots, roadsides and fence rows use 4-6 quarts in 100 gallons of water.

Pastures: to control many  weeds use 2 to 3 quarts per acre.

EPA reg. no. 10088-16-

EPA EST. NO. 10088-WI-1

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Broadleaf selective weed killer packaged in the following sizes:

55 gal.

20 gal.

5 gal.

Cases of  4 x 1 gallon

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