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The history and future of Soy-based cleaning solvents

Soybeans took root in the 11th century BC in northern China, where they were among the first crops grown by man. The ancient Chinese honored soybeans as one of the five sacred grains essential to the existence of their civilization, and considered the soybean a food and a medicine. Over the next several centuries, the Chinese domesticated the wild soybean plant. Soon, the rest of the world discovered the virtues of this versatile plant.

In 1765, the first soybean plant was brought to North American. Initially, American soybeans were used to make soy sauce and soy noodles for export to England.
Gradually, soybeans spread to farming areas that remain soy-growing states today, and were grown primarily to feed animals. Extensive research began to reveal the soybean's superior nutritional value, and by the 1920’s it became an important food crop. By World War I, soybeans were also valued as a renewable source of in the production of oil...

CPC Aeroscience introduces

SOYL AWAY offers Safe Solvent Industrial Cleaning and Degreasing.

As the world searches to solve environmental issues, CPC Aeroscience has discovered how to turn a simple bean men have grown for thousands of years into an industrial cleaning phenomenon. The ever popular soy bean, a high protein ingredient used in tofu and many other foods, is revolutionizing the cleaning world. Processed soy beans produce an oil that can be further refined into a solvent-like liquid with incredible cleaning properties. Using this discovery, CPC introduces SOYL AWAY Safe Solvent Degreaser, the first soy bean oil based aerosol cleaner/degreaser.

What makes CPC’s soy derivative so appealing for the industrial maintenance market? SOYL AWAY has many distinct advantages over other solvent or soap based cleaners, especially for environmentally critical California.

To begin, CPC’s SOYL AWAY Safe Solvent Degreaser has virtually NO VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) known to contribute to low level ozone or smog. SOYL AWAY is non-toxic and has no strong smell, fumes or vapor. It is a non-petroleum-based, biodegradable product derived from a renewable American-grown resource (soy beans). As for SOYL AWAY’s cleaning ability, it removes grease, oil, sludge, dirt, tar, asphalt, mastic, adhesive, wet paint, and more without harming the cleaning surface. SOYL AWAY is also non-flammable, and rinses away clean and residue free with water. SOYL AWAY is a great alternative to citrus based degreasers when flammability, plastic or paint compatibility, or VOC are concerns. CPC recommends industrial companies to start using the SOYL AWAY SoyLution today. SOYL AWAY is packaged in 20-ounce aerosol cans with 15-ounce net weights. SOYL AWAY complies with 2005 California VOC regulations, and with all its other earth friendly attributes, it appears that SOYL AWAY (and the numerous other CPC soy based product to follow) will be a viable solvent cleaning option for many years to come.

Safe Solvent Degreaser

  • Meets or Exceeds California 2005 VOC guidelines for degreasers
  • Replaces d'limonene
  • Virtually Odorless
  • Higher Solvency
  • Flash Point over 350 degrees
  • Biodegradable plant-derived solvent that flushes away dirt, grease, tar, and asphalt
  • Rinses away with water



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