What makes Spilfyter Premium Sorbents better than other brands?

     Spilfyter Premium Sorbents are manufactured using the finest quality polypropylene fabrics. The fine fiber technology used to create these fabrics results in increased wicking capability, retention power, tensile strength, and tear resistance.


What makes fine fiber sorbents better?

     Fine fiber technology produces a tightly interwoven material made up of many small micron diameter fibers. These fine fibers create very small consistent void spaces throughout the material. The liquid is captured and "wicked" from one void space to another, resulting in full utilization of the sorbent which reduces cost and waste. These smaller void spaces also retain captured liquids much better than larger, coarse fiber sorbents.

Spilfyter continues to make the best, better

  Our Premium sorbents are bonded with a unique "interlocking" process that eliminates separation of the fabric, while leaving more surface area available to absorb liquids.

  All premium rolls are horizontally perforated every 24". As an added benefit, our premium sorbents are also perforated down the center for greater versatility and less waste.

  Most Spilfyter sorbents are boxed for easier stacking and superior product protection during shipping and handling.
  Spilfyter will continue to make the best even better by challenging ourselves to offer a simple, yet complete line of Innovative Spill Control Products

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