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  • Tapered design wedges securely into standard drains to stop any flow.

  • Eyebolts are removable, allowing installation of grating with DrainPlug in place.

  • Non-absorbing, easily cleaned for repeated use.

3-Plug Kit Part# 2116
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Standard Sizes:
2" Diameter Part# 2113
3" Diameter Part# 2114
4" Diameter Part# 2115
3-Plug Kit Part# 2116 - Includes (1) piece of each size DrainPlug and carrying case.


Flexible polyurethane material Non-absorbing material 2" diameter conical plug
Weight: 1.5 lbs
Resists oil,water and most aggressive
Cleans with soap and water 3" diameter conical plug
Weight: 2 lbs
Prevents contaminants from entering
Safety Orange color 4" diameter conical plug
Weight: 3 lbs
DrainSeals  |   DrainPlugs  |    SpillBerms  |  PopUp Pools

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